Multifunction & Multistandard MM 6000 Test System

According to: ISO 7215, ISO 4696-1, ISO 4696-2, ISO 4695, ISO 8371, ISO 4698, ISO 11258, IS 10823, IS 8167, IS 11292, IS 8624

MM 6000 Test System

General description

MM 6000 is a completely automatic and user friendly equipment, able to perform tests on iron ore and coke samples according to several Standard procedures. Instrumentation is based on a Programmable Automation Controller to drive, fully automatically, the test in terms of oven and sample temperatures, reaction and purge gas flow rates and monitoring the sample weight.

The equipment accepts entry of sample data for automatic alculation of test conditions (when requested) based on the parameter values acquired by the instrument. The System is equipped with a touch screen graphic interface with Recording and Data Logging features of main process variables.

The vertical oven is constituted by 5 independent heating zones and the control thermocouple (3 measuring points) is directly placed in the sample for a better isothermal condition during the test.

Reaction gases and Nitrogen (purge gas) flow rates are driven by high precision Mass Flow Meters with automatic selection and by flow rate control. High accuracy weighing device is installed for continuous monitoring of sample weight loss during the test.


MM 6000 features are:

  • Accuracy of test temperature during all reaction time
  • Isothermal temperature distribution in the sample
  • High accuracy of gases flow rate measurement and control
  • Accuracy of sample weight (resolution 0.1 g)

MM 6000 provides for fully automatic operation given by:

  • Automatic temperature time profile control
  • Gases input timing and gases flow rates adjustments
  • Continuous monitoring of sample weight
  • Automatic running calculation of test results (reduction

Vertical electric oven

The electric oven consists of a steel structure placed on a frame and including the silica insulation material. Twenty silicon carbide high temperature heating rod elements are placed horizontally in a stack and are grouped in 5 heating zones to provide separate power control.

Replacement of heating elements is fast and easy with no need of refractory maintenance so that oven life is very long. Inner high temperature chamber is protected by a quartz tube. The oven can be equipped, as an option, with a weighing system to provide continuous monitoring of sample weight during reduction test.


Control Panel

A Multi-Function Control Panel, with function of recorder, viewer and programmer is able to drive oven temperature, gases and other events according to the test procedures.

All the messages, alarms and information on the status of the system are displayed on the Touch Screen unit.

Reaction gases mixes and Nitrogen (purge gas) are driven by electro valves and Mass Flow meter by automatic selection and flow rate control.



test selection

data entry

automatic checking system status step by step

monitoring of system and test data

visual test report

Multifunction and Multistandard capability

The system can be custom tailored according to Customer specific requests and to perform one or more different procedures. Standard procedures, as Reducibility, Relative Reducibility, Disintegration, Decrepitation and Free Swelling, can be selected in below table, where main parameters of processes are listed.

For each standard, proper gas mix line should be included in the control panel and, at same time, proper program, able to automatically drive the test, should be embedded. Moreover, listed of auxiliary devices as continuous weighing system and tumbler can be provided.

ISO 4696-1
ISO 4695
ISO 7215
Relative Reducibility
ISO 4696-2
Reduction Degradation
ISO 4698
Free swelling
ISO 8371
ISO 11258
Reducibility Direct Reduction
IS 10823 Sect.1 B – Static
Reduction Degradation
IS 8167
IS 11292
Relative Reducibility
Test Temp.
500 950 900 550 900 700 800 500 950 900
Reduction Time
60 240 180 30 60 30 90 60 180  180
 Gas composition
A   C B  B B F B  B  B
 Gas flow rate
 20 50 15 15 15 50 20 15 15
Sample mass
500 500  500 500  18 pellets 500 500 500±1pc 500 500
Option  Yes  Yes Yes Option Yes Yes
Tumbler TB 3000 Yes Yes Yes  Yes

Note: MM 6000 can be also equipped with proper hardware and software to run CRI-CSR Test as per ISO 18894, ASTM D 5341 and IS 4023.

Gas Mix Composition %
A 58 20 20 2
B 70 30
C 60  40
F  10  30 15  45  —

Reaction Vessel

Reaction vessel is constituted of a double wall tube made of high temperature alloys AISI 310.
The vessel includes multiple thermocouples and gas inlet and outlet fittings, granting
Standard test conditions.


Printing Tool - PC Software

The Printing Tool is a Windows© software that allows to print, save and store all data of performed tests. At the end of the test procedure, a new file is stored in the external memory USB stick. Test results are displayed in both text and graphical format. A spreadsheet layout is also available.

The printing feature of the Software allows to print out the test results as prescribed in the ISO procedures.



Heating elements: Silicon carbide elements (20 elements)
 Heating Zones: 5 heating zones
 Max operating temperature: 1200 °C
 Maximum operating Power: 20 kW
 External thermocouple: “K” type (inconel shielded)
 Inner chamber diameter: 140 mm
 Reaction tube type : “Double wall” Type B
 Material: AISI 310
 Inner diameter: 75 mm
 Internal thermocouple: Triple “K” type (inconel shielded)
 Flow rate measuring devices Digital Mass Flow Meters
 Reaction Gas flow rate: Up to 50 nl/min
 Purge Gas composition: 100% N2
 Purge gas Flow rate: Up to 50 nl/min
 Max weight:  30 kg
 Resolution:  0,1 g
 MAIN POWER:   380 V 3 Ph + Neutral (20 kW max)

Tumbler system TB 3000

According to ISO 4696-1, ISO 4696-2, IS 10823 and IS 8167, the sample is tumbled after the reaction in the oven. Number of revolutions is pre-set on a digital counter showing remaining revolutions to the end of tumbling. Automatic stop at end of test is provided. The units are protected by a safety cage with switch on the door. Please refer to the Tumbler System product page for further information.


Auxiliary Equipment



Reaction tube lifting tackle

• For insertion and removing of the reaction tubes
• Vertical electric movement
• Two controlled speeds – low / fast movement
• Manual horizontal movement on rail
• Max. weight 60 kg
• Remote control
• Rail included
• Power 230 V 50 Hz


reaction tube tripods

Reaction tube tripods


• TR 2000 – For CRI-RDI reaction tubes


Cooling System - Complete - small Cooling System - Detail - smallReaction tube cooling devices

• Digital Temperature controller
• Ventilation Fan
• Auto stop at preset temperature
• Power 230 V 50 Hz


  • CS 2000 – For CRI-RDI reaction tubes

Sample preparation devices

Auxiliary equipment for Sample Preparation can be provided together with main instrumentation.

Available devices are:

  • Jaw Crusher for coke
  • Sample Splitter
  • Testing screen machine (with screening trays)
  • Sieving Machine (with sieves)
  • Sieves (for manual sieving)
  • Thermostatic Oven
  • Digital laboratory scale